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Customer Charter
  The Customer Charter is an integral part of our operation and ensures that we provide customers with the highest standards of telecom services. We have crafted this document aiming to give customers a better understanding of the standards of services they can expect from us.
About NWT
Established in 1995, New World Telecommunications Limited (“NWT”) is an HKBN Group company. HKBN Ltd. completed the acquisition of the telecommunications (“NWT”) and online marketing solutions (“NW iMedia”) business owned by New World Telephone Holdings Limited on 31 March 2016.

As a pioneering telecom service provider in Hong Kong, we are dedicated to offering top-quality international voice and innovative data services for our customers in Hong Kong and overseas.

NWT has continuously expanded its business coverage by investing in both local and international network infrastructure, and establishing bilateral partnerships with more than 250 global incumbents and major carriers. These international linkages allow our customers to enjoy the global reach with quality connectivity and stability.

Looking ahead, NWT will continue to be a market pioneer in providing top-notch telecom and managed solutions to meet the ever-increasing demand of customers around the world.
Service Provisioning
  To gain higher customer satisfaction, we have put in place a number of communication channels backed by a team of customer service professionals to enable customers to access our services and receive prompt assistance. These communication channels encompass:
A team of Customer Service professionals provides quality customer enquiries handling and efficiently supports various service requests;
A user-friendly portal that brings customers the most up-to-date information, fabulous offers and services;
Round-the-clock fault reporting and management support;
On-site technical support, equipment management and disaster recovery assistance.
Service Standard
  We have also established a series of performance indicators to closely monitor and review both cross-function activities among different departments and external service commitments to ensure the highest standards of customer service.
  1) Total Customer Service Experience

We aim at achieving customer satisfaction and uplifting service experience to build up a long term business relationship with our customers; with the adoption of one-stop service practice, we handle our customer enquiries and feedback effectively.

Our Customer Service centre will answer the inquiries within 30 seconds in normal business hours1. For personal information update and other service requests, we will reply customers within 1 working day and handle the requests as quickly as possible not, customers will hear a message explaining that they are in a queuing system. Customers will then be connected to an operator as quickly as possible2.

1. This service target is not applicable to periods of upsurge in inquiries, for example during the launch of a particular product or service, during promotional campaigns or during typhoons. 

2. This service target is not applicable if and when customers cannot be reached, change their requests, or make repeated claims.

  2) Listen To and Value Customer Feedback

We value and listen to feedback from every customer on our services and we strive to provide appropriate and effective solutions. Upon receipt of customers’ comments, we will acknowledge receipt of customers’ feedback within 1 working day and then resolve the case, and strive to provide satisfactory solutions. If a customer requests a written reply, we will prepare it within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the feedback.3

3. This service target is not applicable if and when customers cannot be reached, change their requests or make repeated claims.

  3) Service Provisioning Time
  a) International Calling Services
We target to activate the international calling service within 1 working day from the date of registration, provided that the requested information is submitted completely. 4
  b) Fixed Line Services
We target to activate the Business Fixed Line Service within 7 to 9 working days from the date of registration, provided that the requested information is submitted completely.4
We target to activate the Consumer Fixed Line Service within 9 to 11 working days from the date of registration, provided that the requested information is submitted completely.4
  c) Broadband Services
We target to activate business broadband services within 13 working days from the date of registration, provided that the requested information is submitted completely.5
We target to activate consumer broadband services within 5 working days (DIY service) and 8 working days (Full service) respectively from the date of registration, provided that the requested information is submitted completely. 5
  d) Data Services
The provision time for data services varies and is subject to the product specifications, the complexity of deployment methods and commitment of individual overseas partners. Other occurrences beyond the reasonable control of NWT, including but not limited to the following circumstances, may also affect the service provision: - inability or delay in accessing installation sites and other relevant sites (such as private premises, tunnels, bridges or restricted areas);
cable damage due to road excavation, etc.;
failure of interconnection services with other operators;
any network outage or service unavailability due to failure of another operator;
unavailability of any materials or services from third parties;
concurrent multi-fault events.
  During service amendment and relocation, the provision of the services would depend on availability, geographical location and other relevant factors, which are subject to variation according to the customer’s requirements and the circumstances. NWT endeavors to deliver quality services with the shortest possible time frame for customers’ benefit.
  4. This performance indicator may not be applicable in such circumstances as porting the telephone number from other operators and /or service relocation. In cases of number porting, the performance indicator is not applicable when there are delays or non-performance of installation or location due to, but not limited to, wiring failure, rejection by existing operators or customer' equipment that is not ready, as required.

5. The provision of the services, including installation and/or relocation, will be subject to availability, geographical location and other relevant factors. The lead-time for offering the services may vary if circumstances so require. NWT endeavors to provide customers with promised
download and upload speed. However, the transmission speed may be subject to extraneous factors. Business broadband customers are required to supply the details on their PC / LAN configurations for installation.
  4) Service Restoration Time
  Generally speaking, the Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) for business broadband and local voice services is 1 working day, consumer broadband service is 2 working days, and consumer local voice service is 1 working day. The MTTR for data services is 5 working hours.6

6. Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) is defined as the average time taken from receiving customer fault report by NWT staff to restoring service to customers. It only applies to NWT's local line fault, excluding faults due to circuits, which are beyond the maintenance capability of NWT.
Payment Methods
  We provide our customers with various payment options, including phone-in / on-line payment, postal cheque, Payment-by-Phone Service (PPS), Automated Teller Machines (ATM), bank or credit card autopay, e-Payment (credit card online, PPS on the Internet, JET Payment, Internet Banking), and 7-Eleven shops.
Effective Credit Control
  We have established the pre-set usage level as an indicator that reflects the usage limit to help customers manage their anticipated monthly usage.
Stringent Security Control of Customer Information
  We have adopted a highly secure filing system and taken stringent precautions to prevent unauthorized access to any customer information. In addition, we will, with customers' help, keep their personal information accurate, complete and up to date.
Continuous Service Improvement
  We strive to heighten our service standards, and keep our customers abreast of our latest developments and service enhancements through our corporate website and portals, namely In the meantime, customers can send their comments / opinions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (for consumer customers), and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (for business customers). All information will be analyzed on a regular basis to enhance our service quality.
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