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With Global Call Forward service, all calls can be forwarded to an overseas mobile or fixed line number. You can be reached without incurring expensive mobile roaming charges.

With an easy-to-remember Global Call Forward number, simply operate the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) from a touch-tone phone and forward calls to any local, overseas number or even voice mailbox. What's more, get an International Calling Card with the same number and enjoy the convenience and huge savings of calling to and from countries abroad, anywhere, anytime!

How to use Global Call Forward
  Local Mobile/ Fixed Line Telephone Number+Call Forward >> Global Call Forward Number 8xxx xxxx >> Call Forward+Overseas/ Local Mobile or Fixed Line Telephone Number


Note: Phone numbers with prefixes "447", "448", "449" in UK; "611" in Australia and "8150" in Japan are mobile phone numbers of those destinations.

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