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New World Telecom’s IDD 009 is an international calling service renowned for its crystal voice quality, fast and stable connection and competitive calling rates. With emphasis on convenience and reliability, IDD 009 service facilities communication in the global community.

Conforming to the International Telecom Union E426 standard and with our extensive global telecom network, IDD 009 guarantees reliable IDD service.

IDD 009 provides value-for-money IDD service, where you can make overseas calls to over 260 countries and destinations around the world.

With advanced security setting, your IDD account code can be used as a PIN to help prevent unauthorized use of service and facilitates control of expenses.
To make overseas calls:
IDD 009 Dialling Procedures
Note: Phone numbers with prefixes "447", "448", "449" in UK; "611" in Australia and "8150" in Japan are mobile phone numbers of those destinations.
IDD country codes
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