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  Partnering with a leader Internet gateway software, NWT’s Hotel Broadband service is able to deploy world-class hotel broadband technology solution for hospitality customers in Hong Kong, providing hotels with excellent quality and cost-effective broadband connection for hotel guests.

With symmetrical bandwidth, NWT’s Hotel Broadband service provides hotel with the the same high quality Internet access that their guests are used to in the workplace. Hotel guests can access their own corporate network via secure IP-Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN). Hotel Broadband service supports a variety of applications like email (SMTP, POP3 & Web-based), IP-Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN), file transfer protocol (FTP), video/audio streaming, net meeting.


Through wireless broadband service in public areas and café, NWT’s Hotel Broadband service enables your hotel guests to enjoy web browsing, email checking, sending & downloading file, reading real-time news and stock price, or play online games with friends.

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