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International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

IPLC is an end-to-end and dedicated capacity for the transmission of texts, data, voice, graphics and images in a digital format. Customers will be able to communicate with their local and international offices anytime and enjoy reliable, instant and secure multimedia connectivity. With our competitive tariff schedule, customers (including multinational corporations and small to medium sized enterprises) can enjoy substantial savings in international telecommunications.

With its bandwidth ranging from 64K to STM-64, NWT's IPLC network covers the mainland China, the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the United States. Compared to other Fixed Telephone Network Service operators, NWT has established business partnerships with the largest of international carriers to provide quality IPLC services to customers.

IPLC consists of two halves: one from a point in Hong Kong to the theoretical middle of the international circuit, and the other half up to the point of termination. IPLCs are delivered over sub-sea cables or land cables. NWT also offers one-stop-shop service as an option.
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