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NetTalk Home Broadband Phone Service Offer Apply Now
Want to enjoy super value telephone service at home?

With a monthly fee of HK$68, you can now enjoy our NetTalk home broadband phone service plus 7 extra free VAS!
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Service Plan
Monthly fee
Special Monthly fee
Fixed Term Contract Period
Value-added Services (VAS)
NetTalk Home Broadband
Phone Service
price73 price55 24 months
7 free VAS include:
Call Waiting
Caller Number Display
Call Forward
Do Not Disturb
Call Conference
Speed Dialling
Block the Blocker
1) For application of the above service plan, customer must sign a 24-month contract to enjoy a special monthly fee of HK$68 for the NetTalk Home Broadband Phone Service. Customers need to pre-pay 3 month’s monthly fee in every payment. After expiry of service contract, regular monthly fee will apply.
2) Unless otherwise instructed by the Customer, the above service plan and other optional services will continue automatically upon contract expiration at regular monthly fee. Customers need to pre-pay 3 month’s monthly fee in every payment.
3) The proper functioning of NetTalk Home Broadband Phone Service depends on the provision of a valid broadband network, which is responsible by the customer.
4) For service and offer details please refer to the terms & conditions stated in the application form. New World Telecommunications Limited reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters related to the above offer.
Registration & Enquiry Hotline: 1233
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